The most prestigious belt for power transmission. Its a flexible gear system with precision of a cog wheel. Due to its characteristics timing belt transmission allow:

  • Synchronous Drive
  • Constant and High Angular Speed
  • Excellent Mechanical Speeds
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Resistance to high and intermittent overloads
  • Silent Running
  • No Lubrication and Low maintenance

Double Sided or Twin Power Timing Belt

The Double sided synchronous belts are specially designed with teeth on both sides providing two driving surfaces in positive drive applications. Ideally suited for serpentine drives when reverse rotation is required or where synchronization of multiple driven shafts is needed. Double sided timing belts are available in almost all series of timing belts.

We stock a wide range of timing belts from some of the most reputed manufacturers like Contitech, Gates, Optibelt, Bando, Mitsuboshi, Elatech, Megadyne, Synchroflex, Brecoflex, SWR, Carlisle, etc.

Timing Belts are available in wide range of lengths & various pitches to suit the most demanding drive design requirements:

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