It features an advance tooth design (HTD/ STD/ RPP) than the classical trapezoidal toothed belt, resulting in uniform power transmission when the teeth are engaged. This uniform distribution of stress within the tooth itself leads to minimum tooth deformation.


Metric pitch timing belts are available as standard and Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Timing Belts

To satisfy the ever increasing demand for higher strength, more load carrying capacity and for more compact drives various versions of HEAVY DUTY TIMING BELTS have been developed. This outstanding load carrying capacity is achieved by using specially designed tension member, specially compounded Elastomer and stronger material bonding. Its high permanent tear resistance and the enhanced shear resistance of the teeth ensure reliable sustained transmission of power and motion. These heavy duty timing belts (depending on the variant of belt) can have almost double or more capacity compared to the standard series belts!

Depending on the manufacturer, the heavy duty timing belts designations change. The most popular series available are CXP, CXA, CTD, RPP PLUS, RPP Silver, MGT, Polychain, etc.

These belts are available in the standard pitches eliminating the need to change the pulleys in most cases.

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