Polyurethane is an extremely tough durable raw material ideally suited and resistant to high levels of abrasion along with excellent chemical properties. PU Round (Solid &Tubular) & V Profile are ideal for light to medium duty drives and for conveying application.

  • Extremely Strong
  • Highly wear resistant
  • Resistance to most Oils, ozone, fuels & Chemicals
  • High Coefficient to friction.
  • Easy to join

Due to these properties, PU beltings are widely used in Various industries like textile, Ceramics Tiles, Glass, Food Processing, Printing, Live Roller Conveyor, etc.

PU Belts being themo plastic are easy to join by simple heat welding. Joining is possible on-site by the customer or they can be supplied jointed endless. Easy to use joining kits and tools are also available. Round belts are available in diameters ranging from 02 mm to 15 mm.

Belcon Engineers Pvt. Ltd is the sole distributor in India for Extruded PU Belting manufactured by
M/s. Bond-a-Band Transmission Ltd, UK.

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