High performance Poly V Belts are produced in J, K and L profiles
(H & M on request)

PV belts design :
  • Eliminates belt matching
  • Permits drive design to meet exact power or space requirements
  • Distributes the drive load across the entire belt width
  • Permits cooler running and high drive efficiency
  • Excels on small pulleys at high speeds
Features :
  • Extremely flexible
  • High flexing capacity at high flex frequency
  • Uniform power distribution across the entire width of the belt
  • Long service life

Applications :
Office machines, printing machines, electric tools, conveyance technology. Major household applicances, machine tool equipment.


High transmission ratio
The belt's construction ensures extremely high flexibility and consequently transmission ratios of up to 1:40 using pulleys of extremely small diameter.

High belt speed
Construction and material allow high-speed drivers with belt speeds of upto 60m/s.

Compact drivers
The outstanding flexibility permits a high reverse bending capacity at a belt flex frequency of up to 120 persoeond. This in turn means extremely small pulley diameters and allows conterflexing. Short centre distances and restricted spaces can be overcome by using reversetensioning idlers and serpentine drivers.

High power transmision
Excellent frictional engagement and even load distribution across the entire belt width contribute to ensuring an efficiency of 98%. For high power transmissions we can supply Multiple V-Ribbed Belts of the ZAR type which have aramid tension members. For lower power transmissions and high speed changes, belts can be used as V-flat drives.

Smooth running
No twisting in the pulley grooves due to the single belt design characteristics. This ensures low vibration and quiet operation.

Long service life.
The tough, abrasion resistant materials can with stand high loading and dynamic stress. This assures long belt life and economical drives.

All standard Poly V Belts are:

  • Designed for temperatures ranging from -30C to +80C
  • Moderate oil resistance
  • Unaffected by weathering
  • Resistant to effects of ozone
  • Suited to use in tropical climates
  • Electrically conductive/antistatic

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