Timing (Synchronous) Belts Pulleys (Sprockets) are integral part of the Timing belt drive system. For the drive to perform at its optimum its very important to have pulleys which are perfectly made and matched with the belt being used. Poor quality pulleys tend to cause slippage, belt jumps, frequent belt breakages, poor drive efficiency, higher energy consumption, etc.

‘Belcon’ Timing Belt Pulleys are constructed from high quality material, are finished with particular care and to tight dimensional tolerances. Pulleys are manufactured in a modern and well equipped workshop. The special profile of the teeth are generated using imported hobs from reputed manufacturers, which ensures a very precise tooth profile and minimal pitch to pitch error.

Belcon Powertrans LLP. manufactures pulleys in pitches: Classical series MXL, XL, L, H, XH & XXH in and in metric series HTD 3M, 5M, 8M & 14M; STD S3M, S5M, S8M & S14M; RPP 5, RPP8 & RPP14 in metric & for PU belts in T2.5, T5, AT5, T10, AT10, T20 & AT20 pitches. Pulleys can be manufactured with or without taper locks or with Keyless locking elements. Large range of pulleys are available from ready stock for immediate delivery. Pulleys as per customers drawings/ specifications are also possible. Our engineering team is always ready to to offer technical help in drive designing or trouble shoot drive problems.

Belcon Powertrans LLP offers a large range of Timing pulleys both in Solid (Hub) Type in Pilot Bore and in Taper Lock type (With finished bore & Key way) from ready stock for immediate delivery.

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